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Take a moment to reflect on your learning. 

How did today's class or discussion change your thinking in one or more of the following areas?

Clarity: You learned some new psychological/neuroscientific terminology and can better express your thinking on the issue.
Accuracy: You identified some misconceptions you previously had or learned about some scientific findings that support your thinking.
Precision: You know more facts and information related to the issue or you are better able to give specific examples to illustrate your thinking.
Logic: You better understand how different points and information relate to different arguments on the issue.
Depth: You can consider more factors that relate to the issue and better understand the complexity of the issue.
Breadth: You can think about the issue from different points of view and different theoretical perspectives.
Fairness: You are less biased and judgmental and can listen openly to opposing views on the issue.
Relevance: You can better identify information that is relevant to the issue, and information that is not relevant.
Significance: You can better weigh the relative importance of different factors and points when thinking about the issue.

Yay! Successfully submitted.

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